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RSD or ???
Sep 2, 2010
Hello! (I'm brand new to this forum but looking for any help) =)
I am new to the RSD thing. I'd like to think I am handling it ok, but I am really having a hard time with it all. I was in 2 bad car accidents tboned w/in 4 months of eachother. One I was a passenger and the other car hit right where I was sitting going upwards of 60mph, that was the 2nd accident. 1st one seemed to be a shoulder injury, 2nd one my neck was hurting horribly after. Seen many docs in all specialities. None could really come to a cohesive conclusion except I have nerve damage in both arms but right is/was carpal tunnel& is better. As well left shoulder has a labral tear which apparently surgery will only make worse and another tear in my rotator cuff. Have had 3 stellate ganglion blocks. 2/3 helped a bit. But the pain returned w/in wks. My dr thinks I have thoracic outlet as well as rsd. But is low on ideas as far as how to treat. I have seen neurologists, pain management, various general, vascular, neuro, &shoulder surgeons. I am lucky if I have 30 mins w/o pain in a week. I have been out of work for 8 months. When I was working I was incredibly doped up on pain meds but still the pain was intolerable and my boss advised I take a leave. It has only gotten worse. I cannot raise my arm above my shoulder, cannot touch anything cold or my hand feels frozen from the inside and burns for hours later, my physical therapists are clueless on what to do to help, I can't go out anymore. 2 hrs off bedrest&I'm in so much pain I'm utterly exhausted. Pain goes from shoulder down to hand. Have some strange feelings in left leg and now am having intolerance to cold in right hand.

My concern is that I have had just as many drs say I don't have it as say that I do. But I do not have the symptoms on my hands like the scaly skin or change of nails;however because the blocks worked that is why my dr believes I have rsd. I am going to see TOS specialist @ ucla in a few wks, my dr also wants to send me to shoulder spec. In san diego. I just can't figure out if I have if, what I can do, any recommendations on drs, meds, what I can expect? I thought I was fixed when I had some relief, told my boss I can go back to work once I strengthen my arm back up, but after 4 days of general activity, driving, church, keeping busy w/little physical exertion the pain came back 200% and hasn't relieved one bit. As well, when I sit, after 10 mins my neck begins to swell and gets very painful and sends pain down the arm. Have had 2 c-spine mris that didn't find anything, but I literally cannot sit more than 10 mins w/o the pain coming on full force.

Sorry this is sooo long. Looking for any advice for any of it. If anyone has had similar symptoms. I used to be super active in sports and the fact that I am on bedrest, let alone cannot work is making me miserable on top of the pain. I just need answers.

Thanks to anyone who can relate or has any type of advice!!!

My heart goes out to all of you suffering in pain.

Take care!


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