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Hi, and welcome. I am sorry I dont know much about TOS but am all to familiar with RSD.
As far as Drs. for treating RSD I have a pain management Dr. I also have my primary care she doesn't treat me for the RSD I had an orthopedic surgeon, who sent me to the pain management dr. He is great. I went through the physical therapy didn't help much my toes are still frozen (they dont bend anymore) and I am still very hypersensitive in my foot. My leg in the groin area is starting to freeze up on me cant lift leg high or cross leg any more, My first course of treatment was physical therapy, then a series of nerve blocks Lumbar then stellate after the RSD spread to my arm and hand, I think I had 5 in my back and 2 in my neck, then of course the meds vicodin and neurotin and the catapress patch for pain restoril to sleep and elavil for depression, thats now my daily routine on meds. I am going for a psych evaluation sept 13 to do the spinal cord stimulator trial period, which I am still kind of not sure about. was offered a radio frequency nerve ablation which I said no to. As far as smoking, smoking constricts your blood vessels which RSD already does so I guess it could cause flare ups, my flare ups come with rainy weather, cold weather, and to much physical activity. as far as stopping RSD from spreading I dont think you can, RSD has a mind of its own and if it's gonna spread wild horses couldnt stop it. I had mortons neuroma surgery in Dec 2009 had RSD in my foot from it and has now spread up my leg in my arm and hand and now my right hand is also starting up with it RSD is different for everyone some people can have it in one limb and never have it spread some us spread very quickly, theres no one answer for everyone with RSD, we are all in this together but all walk different paths through this disease.
I would say a pain management doctor would be the best bet, but thats what is working for me. Hope you can find some relief and a good doctor

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