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The SCS is the next step they want to take me in order for me to get longer relief because they feel that its not good for me to get nerve burns for the rest of my life, I guess because of risks, but I have been super nervous about the SCS though, I have read so many down things about it and risks, that it's scaring me to get it, though apart of me KNOWS that this would beneficial to me and would help provide relief but I am a little scared of it.

It is really hard to explain from my perspective and how it works, but here is information I found from a site: {sorry for posting this from a site, I couldn't explain it myself, as its very hard to explain}


If there is a significant decrease in pain following the sympathetic block, the patient is said to have sympathetically maintained pain (SMP). If there is not a significant decrease in pain, the patient has sympathetically independent pain (SIP). Only patients with SMP should be considered for a sympathectomy. Patients are advised to expect no more relief of their pain from a permanent block, i.e. sympathectomy, than they received from either a SGB or a LSB. Thus the patient must really pay attention to the magnitude of pain relief and improvement in function following each sympathetic block. 30-32 Sympathectomy is a relatively invasive procedure with potential complications and should be pursued by the patient only if they are certain about the temporary therapeutic benefits that they received from a series of SGBs or LSBs.

Recently, laproscopic sympathectomy has been developed for sympathectomy of the upper extremity.33 This technique requires the placement of three small holes temporarily in the side of the chest wall while the patient is under general anesthesia. For the lower extremity, the patient has the choice of dissolving (destroying) the sympathetic nerves with phenol injected through a needle while the patient is awake (percutaneous phenol sympathetic neurolysis) or a surgical sympathectomy under general anesthesia. Other techniques for sympathectomy have also been used. The patient must be informed of the pros and cons of each approach.

Post-sympathectomy pain (neuralgia) is a potential complication of all types of sympathectomy. 4,34 Post-sympathectomy pain is typically proximal to the original pain (e.g. proximal means that the pain may appear for the first time in the groin or buttock region for sympathectomy of the lower extremity and pain in the chest wall region for sympathectomy of the upper extremity). Patients may think that their RSD / CRPS has spread to a new region after sympathectomy because the pain feels similar to their original RSD / CRPS pain. The post-sympathectomy pain usually resolves on its own or with 1-3 sympathetic blocks. Thus for some patients, sympathectomy may be a two-step procedure; destruction of sympathetic nerves followed by a sympathetic block.

Published data35 suggests that sympathectomy in properly selected RSD / CRPS patients may provide one of the most effective treatments for RSD / CRPS. The selection criteria for sympathectomy are critical in achieving long-term success.

Your very welcome for all the prayers, care and concern, I know exactly what your going through and us RSD sufferers must stick together and fight this thing together. No one should ever have to be alone going through this, so I am here for you!

Thank you for your prayers, care and concern, I can't even begin to explain how much it means to me, I have been needing a site to come and vent out all the issues that I have with RSD and it's pain, I am so thrilled to have found this place, just joined yesterday and you guys already feel like a family to me.

Be strong and keep fighting, there is a light at the end of the tunnel at some point, we will all reach that goal, that goal of absolute remission and beat this god awful disease. Love you guys! xoxo

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