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[QUOTE=lindisease;4678223]Thanks :) I really appreciate that. I dont have an income or insurance because i was fired for from my job for this. My girlfriend went from being financially set to pay check to paycheck lifestyle because of me. I'm lucky to have her but wish sometimes she would just take a break from my RSD. She reads nonstop all day about RSD and sends me to doctors that seem to have some knowledge but they always google it right in front of us. pretty much tells me they dont know what they are dealing with. I am told pain medicines are not an option and that i need to find a way to deal with the pain mentally and they treat me as if i have arthritis. only med they put me on for pain is mobic. At first i believed them that opioid pain meds were not used to treat any form of CP so i tried the non-narcotic approach which is very tough. i just want my life back. I had to limit my college to one class per semester because i can't sit still or concentrate. i buy lortab off the street on school days now. I have to risk being taken to jail just so i can concentrate at school and have somewhat of a normal day. I know narcotics are bad for me and i know i can become dependant on them but that is the bad in them the good in them is much greater than the bad i do believe personally. i would rather take them and do my physical therapy to try and get it in remission and worry about the addiction when that time comes. i mean there are rehabs for it and other medication to lower the effects of withdrawls. RSD is much more painful than withdrawls and RSD cant just go away on its own over a course of a couple weeks without therapy but withdrawls go away on there own after a couple weeks of being off them. Am i crazy for wanting to take a narcotic for my pain? Are the doctors right that it is not an option? i have read on many sites where they use opioid meds to help with RSD pain. Yet my doctors have never stumbled across it. I havent ever asked a DR for narcotics but i'm going to now. Even though i have never mentioned them, my doctors still lecture me about them as if i had inquired about it. they label me a drug addict before they even meet me.[/QUOTE]

I did not realize you have CP as well? So you have CP and CRPS? Or is it just CRPS? We have to help ourselves sometimes. I tried all kinds of the drugs they wanted me too, only because I am working with work comp, so they have to pay for anything my pain specialist-Dr. Prager recommends. I also see a psychiatrist so he was prescribing me my pain pills, as Dr. Prager says that all those opiates really don't help people with CRPS...they only help to relax you. He is right, the same with MM in that sense. I wanted it so bad because after trying Gabapentin/Neurontin, Lyrica, Cymbalta (which does help a lot of people) and having a very high dosage of Percuset after nothing else helped in desperation...I went for medicinal stuff...and that doesn't help either, so I am on absolutely nothing.

Tomorrow I will hopefully have some relief- I just hope so. You said it right, I hate that people have to live with us through this, it is very frustrating.

Good luck to you. It would be nice if you could maybe find a good doctor, or raise some money to come out here-road trip! Fundraiser? What about family? I don't know...just some options...

Hold your head high, and keep walking with your feet forward, and don't give up!

Mindy- hugs

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