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Hey there, the tremors could be rsd but could also be a side affect of meds, the pain where your leg connects could also be rsd or could be from walking differently protecting your rsd foot. its so different for everyone who has it. I would definately mention these things to your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Myself I have lost the ability to bend or flex my toes and have also lost range of motion in my hip/groin area not able to cross that leg or flex it outward. My doctor believes that it is my rsd having spread. I know alot of drs use nerve blocks as a diagnostic tool, also in some cases serveral nerve blocks early on can put rsd in remission. Since the spinal cord stimulator is a invasive procedure they like to save it when all else has failed. I would be leary of a doctor who would jump straight to stimulator with out exhausting all other options first. hopefully you will get long lasting relief on the 17th but dont be discouraged if it only lasts 3to5 days. I have read alot of posts and it seems alot of people get relief for a week some people maybee only a few hours. I have read a very few posts of it lasting more than 3 or 4 weeks good luck to you let us know how it goes the 17th

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