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Thank You You are an angle;)
Is there a difference between CRPS and RSD
"Remember this is not wriiten for pity but to let all know where I come from and I am scared to death."
My Story
I had an accident Aug21 2009, where I slipped on a wet surface and came down full force on both knees. I was rushed to the hosiptal and ended up with brused bone and contusions on both knees. I saw an ortopedic doc who performed injections in both knees for pain control. By March of 2010 I was unable to walk and had a total knee replacment performed on my left knee (I choosed the left one to have done first) Went through the surgery I guess ok ended up having blood transfusion on the third day post opt. From March through Jun 14th I was doing great walking without assistance climbing stairs etc. A very happy person. I was even able to work from home the whole time I was recovering. Then on Jun 15th I decided to try the comute to work. You see I work for CSC Computer Science Corporation as a Senior System Engineer Lead. I live in Newark De and commute to Philly. I took the train and then the bus to my office. Was in a lot of pain but scrugged it off as being normal for the comute and I wasn't using my cane any more. Then by the third day Jun 18th I was unable to walk at all and having burning, spikes, needles and oh please don't touch me....feeling from mid thigh all the way down my left leg. My right knee is not able to take the force of the weight. I went back to the ortho doc who stated he had no clue as to why I was in such sevear pain he took xrays and all looked fine. he suggested I may have over done it so we will wait for a couple of weeks to see if it resolves itself. 2 weeks later I was even worst with pain burning ripping spikes needles and crawling bugs feeling nothing and no one could touch my leg with out me screaming like a wet banjiee. LOL it sounds funny but not if you are the one feeling the pain. about a month after trying the ortho doc and having many test MRI, XRAYS ,and ultra sounds looking for infection or blood clots and all coming back ok. I ended up in the hospital with what they though was blood clot in lung or infection from my leg. At this time I couldn't breath and have very painful feelings in my left leg I screammed just to move it or raise it up to the hospital bed level. My leg turned beet red and very hot then it would turn purlish blueish and very cold. I spent over a week in the hospital and left with d ianostics of broncittus and not findings as to what was causing my symtoms in my leg. When I was released I had another appointment with the ortho doc who then refered my to a nerologist with possible RSD in Aug 2010. It is now late October and I have been on and still on several pain meds and one sezure med. Hydomorphine 2mg (daytime)and 8mg nite time. Licrya 3 times a day. It is now OCtobrer 31st as I am writting this I still am either in wheelchair or walker for short distances, in aqua therapy (I love the warm water) It is good therapy I know someday I will be able to walk again (now my left foot has rolled towards the left and I have no flection in it I am unable to bend or straighten the leg It torture at nite when you need to move. Nite time I take 8mg hydromorphine, amedtine, 2 tylodo PM extra Streath and 3 lidoderm patches I still wake and scream out in pain. Nite time is the worst for me. I just can't have anything touch my leg. I have learned to compensate using my right leg. Next step for me On November 1st I am see a Pain Management doctor. Yes Finally!!!!! God will release some of my pain. Now you see I have come from a very good area in my life to having it cut from under me in an instance. I will never be able to return the the job life I had due to the stress, meds and constant pain. I now have no life. Will I ever? What can I do to beat this I refuse to lie down and let it take me but I can't even crawl now. I am at my end I just want things back as they were before the surgery.

Sorry for the long letter I just wanted tell tell someone who understands. Scared to Death is there a support group out there?

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