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I was never taken off my meds after any nerve blocks. I didnt need my vicodin for 3 days afterwards, but the blocks are only temporary, for most people with RSD very temporary.You could ask your doctor what his/her policy on this is, but I would think your doc would know that if it works for you it usually is just temporary relief. The stimulator sends electrical impulses to the nerves in your spine through long wires called leads(almost look like thin speaker wires)the wires attach to an electrical impulse generator that is implanted in usually your upper butt cheek or in the front abdomen area, mine is in my left butt cheek. it is very small and really dont notice it much at all.
the simulator sends a vibration tingling feeling where your pain is, If you have ever been in a car with very loud bass or a concert with loud bass the vibration you feel in your body is kinda like what i feel only its much stronger feeling in my body.and it masks the pain I normally feel. you can turn the strength of vibration up or down to suit what you need at the moment or you can turn it off completely which I do at night to sleep. I had mine done as outpatient surgery. first you do a trial run where the wires stick out of your back and attatch to an external generator if the trial can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days and if it works for you they will do another surgery to implant one where everything is inside and nothing sticking out. It sounded really scary to me when the docs first started talking about it I was like yea no way in hell!!!! But as my pain started to spread and get worse I was almost begging for it. And its not that bad you are sore after the surgery but geez i think after 3 days it was pretty much just like a nagging headache kinda feel. Nothing to intense really.
Hope this helps good luck

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