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Hello everyone!
I haven't been on here for a while. I was wondering if there's anyone out there who has RSD (mine is in my left foot) and who has had either an arthroscope of their left knee, or who has had a partial knee replacement. If so, how are you doing? My rsd doc says that the risk of rsd spread with doing a scope is very minimal, and I'm waiting to hear from him in regards to the risk of doing the partial knee replacement. I would think the risk of spread and of stirring things up would be greater since it's pretty major surgery, but I honestly don't know. I am very functional.I work part time and I'm walking without any assistance. My pain level is tolerable and I'm on Lyrica 675 daily, Savella 200 daily and an occasional pain pill. Nights for me are the worst it seems. I'm pretty afraid. My scope is scheduled for the 21st and as it gets closer, I become more afraid. The last surgery I had was on July 17th, 2007 and that's when I ended up with RSD for a foot surgery that wasn't done entirely correct. My knee surgeon has an excellent reputation so I guess I just gotta learn to trust.
The other thing that makes things so very difficult is that everyone's RSD reacts so very differently to all the various treatments. I will be on a course of steroids beginning on the 18th. I have read the various threads where people are helped with the blocks, some are helped with the SCS, some are helped with the ketamine, some are helped with the morphine pumps but the very unfortunate thing about RSD is that there is still no treatment that works for everyone, and there is still no cure. They say the ketamine holds promise. How can it hold promise when its 2 thousand dollars for each treatment and you need multiple treatments? Worse yet, there's a chance that after spending those thousands of dollars, that it won't help a bit. That's craziness. It's not covered by insurance companies because it's not FDA approved. It seems to be that there should be increased awareness of RSD, more research into finding us help. To my knowledge, there's not a single other medical problem that has to deal with these issues. I just simple don't understand. I have pain in my feet each and every day and nobody really knows how to make this nerve pain go away once and for all? There are a handful of good RSD doctors and even they don't know what its gonna take to help us. Our medications make us fat and can zap our memory. I'm grateful I'm able to walk, I'm grateful I'm able to work 15 hours a week and I'm grateful to be so functional but still...I think it's terrible that there isn't a treatment out there that works for all of us.

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