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Hi everyone,

I am new to the message boards and found this site while I was looking for info regarding RSD.

I was hurt at work on Oct 15th/2010. I work with autistic children and the child I was working with that day grabbed me by my hair and I reached up with my right hand to get him to release and he then pulled my right arm with a lot of force. At the time of the injury my shoulder/back felt like it was on fire and was red and swollen. I went to the ER and they thought I had ruptured my bursa sac and pulled muscles in my shoulder/neck. After about 3 weeks of the injury not healing my doctor felt maybe I had dislocated the shoulder or possibly had a rotator cuff tear. Xrays and Mri's showed no tear or dislocation.

It is now months since I have had the injury and my symptoms are growing worse. My symptoms are as follows:
Constant burning feeling in my shoulder and sometimes neck that seems to increase due to movement and stress.
Swelling/tightness in my shoulder that never seems to go away.
Shooting pains from my shoulder down my arm and a shooting pain from my ring finger up the arm.
My whole arm and hand can ache at times.
Sweating from my pinky and ring finger even when limb is cold. I have just noticed in the last 2 weeks that all 4 fingers sweat now as well.
white dots (patchy) up my arm.
Tingling in my fingers and in the middle of the night my arm goes asleep 2-3 times and is completely numb.
A constant Migraine.
Only being able to sleep 1-3 hours at a time and wake up many times during the night due to burning pain.
Loss of range of motion in my right arm. Unable to lift it very high.
Fingers swell and turn a bluish color at times.
Limb will get very cold or very warm at times.
Oh and in the last 2 weeks I have notice the palm of my hand gets very itchy at times.
I am also finding I can no longer tolerate heat or ice packs any more or my arm will turn bluish and cold and burning feeling will increase.

From what I have researched on RSD I have many of the symptoms but seem to be lacking a few also. I have notice the skin on my hand is very dry and I have been using much more lotion on it then my left one...but other then that I have not notice much change in my skin, hair growth or nails yet. (though the right hand nails seem to have deeper groves then the left)

My doctor is convinced that it is in fact RSD and has set up an appointment for me to see a nerve specialist at the end of the month. It seems so far away yet and I am trying to cope with everything that is going on...but I am finding it hard.

Just wondering if RSD is a slow process or do most symptoms come on right away? It seems over the progress of 2-3 months have more symptoms then ever and they are getting worse (pain is worse as well).

Any input would be great!

Take care,
Hello Karen,

Im kind of new to here, also. I got RSD back in 2003..and was posting like a kid on ADD about what i was going thru. well 8 years later and alot has happened to me..medically. My new battle is staying off opiate therapy and looking forward to new scs at end of this month.

I am not a Doctor, so I cant tell you if you have RSD...but as you know by now...if you are questioning it and someone has muttered the words RSD/CRPS, chances are you have it...based on your symptoms..I dont need to be a Dr. to know I feel what you feel.

Mine started in my head/ face moved all the way down to both arms and hands..I have a perm cervical scs and get gettin new one in lumbar cuz it moved to other side but lower back and leg and foot.....I cant say for sure that treatment will be pleasant or satisfying....Just a word of matter how bad the pain gets try to stay off opiates....i dont blame docs or the world. Its just sometimes we have things to bear. and using an addictive drug does not help in the end..It will only cause more pain and agony.. Now, I am having issues with First SCS...had to turn it was too high and need new programming....

One more thing in your long Journey of dont stop posting will help your I know that I have missed...If you wanna see a lil bit of where I have can look up Budko on these boards and I have posted alot about treatments and where I was coming from...If you want to ask specfic question..I am here for you. Do have a good support at home? You will need it...I am not trying to scare you....I just dont sucker punch people...I will tell you where I have been and you take what you want and leave the rest. Any logical human would think that way...

Hugs and Wishes,

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