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I broke my foot (5th met) on Oct 31. I was in a cast for 6 weeks, then in a boot for 6 weeks because it was slow to heal. At the 5 week mark (still in the fiberglass cast) I had started trying to weight bear and found the area under my cuboid bone was extremely sore and tender. This has lessened somewhat, but I still feel like I am walking on a "rock" in that spot and my foot still has some swelling. My peroneal tendons and other tendons also burn and the ortho doctor suspects I have tendon inflammation.

The reason I'm asking about RDS is that a podiatrist on a foot-specific site said he suspected I have it about 2 weeks ago after I'd asked some questions and given my symptoms. Today I started with physiotherapy to get ultrasound to help alleviate the inflammation in the tendons, and the physiotherapist also mentioned RDS.

I've looked on various RDS sites, and I'm still not convinced. I actually think I have what's called Painful OS Peroneum Syndrome but want to be sure I'm educated on all possibilities as I understand this could be serious if I have it and don't take appropriate steps.

Here are the symptoms I have:
1) The painful, inflamed area is directly beside the fracture area (I broke the base of the 5th met, and the pain is directly under the cuboid bone). It feels like I have a sharp rock under there.
2) I do have burning, but it follows tendon paths, isn't generalized burning or really hot. I do get a 'tearing' kind of burning under the cuboid if I am on my foot too long because of the "rock".
3) Up until about 3 weeks ago, I did have trouble with pressure on that area from even a pillow, and had to buy wide, flat shoes as I can't stand normal arch supports to be putting pressure on that area. I can stand pressure on my foot now except full weight bearing or sustained pressure for more than a half hour. The pressure of a pillow no longer bothers me now that I've started anti-inflammatories and ice.
4) All other areas of my foot are fine.
5) I have no problem with hot or cold.
6) My foot does turn a bit redder than my other foot when I first get out of the shower, but is a normal color very quickly. I've also read that this is normal after a fracture until full use of the foot.
7) I am finding I am able to do more with my foot as the weeks go by, not less, though the "rock" under my cuboid is still there.
8) Ice on that area (the cuboid) feels really good and helps alleviate the pain.

My feeling is that while I have some hyper-sensistivity because of inflammation, I don't have any real symptoms of RSD.

What do you guys think?

P.S. For those who don't know: Painful OS Peroneum Syndrome is where an accessory bone that some people have (I do) either irritates or actually gets embedded in the peroneal tendon after an inversion injury (rolling the ankle, which I did and broke my foot doing it) and one of the symptoms if the feeling of a rock or pebble under the foot. My physio didn't know anything about it, so I will be taking more info on it to him.

The physio also mentioned that my cuboid bone was lower than it should be, and noted that the head of my 5th met (at the base of the little toe) was higher than the other foot's, which I'd noticed too. He said it was due to ligaments and joint space at the cuboid bone.

I am thinking I may be a bit hypersensitive to stuff in that area, but due to inflammation, and as that inflammation subsides, it seems to be subsiding too.

I look forward to your comments...!
Oh one more thing...I will one more thing! you to death....Not everyone is the same on symptoms...we all differ slightly..just like any other disease...but the foundation for RSD is the same...burning and shooting pain, sweating, swelling, among other things...For example..I get what is called "RSD Lesions" They are open wounds on legs and feet and hard to get rid of...not all people with RSD get it..I get it cuz my leg and foot are sweating all the time and cant keep them dry....I even have livedo riticularus, which is skin death..I had 2 biopsies and it was confirmed rsd.....It depends on where it is...RSD lives in your Autonomic Nervous anything your body does without your thought gets affected.....another example...I have RSD in Head all the way down to fingers, but no upper back...odd huh? Well, my eyesight, senses, and alot of things are different from you but I think it is cuz mine is located in upper body, I am affected more.....cuz there are more parts in your melon....

Another thing..see I told you....Dont expect your Doc to run with the RSD Dx...he will be reserved about giving that confirmed is still taboo and that is why we dont get treatment...Imagine if I had just one block early on...I will never know..We will never know....

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