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Maybe someone can help me. I am dealing with military drs. if that makes a difference. 2 years ago while visiting and helping my mother with the funeral of my stepfather, I fell and landed on my right knee. It hurt but I thought it was just bruised. i put a compression sleeve on it to brace it a bit and went back to helping. When I got back home 2 weeks later, it wasn't any better. So I went to family practice on base ( I do not work I am a stay at home mom with 16 year old twin boys, one with ADD.) After xrays where nothing was found, I was told to lose weight and scheduled for physical therapy. I was put on vicodin only a half one a day (doctor said I didn't need any more then that), was already on Ambien, nexium, and zantac. After 2 sets of PT with no relief and in some cases more pain, they sent me to get an MRI. When nothing was found, they sent me downtown to a new physical therapist. I worked hard thinking if this was just a case of not using my knee correctly, I was going to fix it come h*ll or high water. No relief, and the therapist blamed it on me not doing the stretches at home and not putting forth an effort. My husband had turned our spare room into a gym so that I could do the exercise, the physical therapist just rolled her eyes when I told her this. UGHHH! So I went back and family practice sent me to orthopedics. This was 1 and a half years later. I had worn the compression sleeve every day for this time period. After reviewing all my records, and giving me a steroid shot with no results and put me on elavil , the term RSD came up for the first time. I had never heard it before. I researched it a little and while I had many of the symptoms, I wasn't really convinced because the big symptom that I did not have was it wasn't getting any worse or better. Just the same. They sent me to an off base pain management who took me off elavil and vicodin, put me on lortab and lyrica. Both helped me get through the day and night with tolerable pain. After 1 lumbar block and a bone scan again no relief, the pain management doc decided I do not have RSD and sent me back to the base ortho. Ortho is convinced I have RSD because of where my pain is located above, below, both sides and behind the knee cap about half way down the shin and up a little into my thigh. It hurts when poked or prodded but not slightly rubbed. He thinks wearing the compression sleeve has desensitized it to the level of pain I should feel with RSD. BUT he does want me to go to a surgeon, base again, to see what they have to say about a scope into my knee to look around. He wouldn't advise the dr doing it because he thinks it will make the RSD he is convinced I have worse. I am worried that he actually said that me. It has now been 2 years into this pain. Same level of pain hasn't really changed although I do have bad days. But on a pain scale of 1-10 it is usually a 5-6 but on a bad day it can reach a 9. It can drop down to a 4 with the lyrica and a half of a lortab combined. So I am not looking for an online diagnoses, although I would love to hear what others with RSD think. I really was just wondering if there is anything else I can do or not do to help the doctors I am dealing with make a decision one way or another. At this point I am mentally ready to accept any diagnoses they give me, as long as they stick to it. It is the not knowing for 2 years that has me frustrated. Thanks for reading this long post. Sorry for writing the book

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