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Well nerve blocks can for some people put you into remission if done soon enough! I had several.once a week every week. for some people the blocks will last longer and longer with each block or put you in remission. there is no cure right now. When my RSD spread to my left hand I got a block that week for it, that was about 7 months ago and I have only had maybe 2 flares in that hand but for my left foot/leg and right hand/arm it didnt work.
RSD is like a snowflake where it affects each person who has it individually, we all share the pain but what treatments work or how fast you progress or even if it spreads is very different for everyone who has it. I know this doesnt sound encouraging but its the way it is. Thats why you must fight for you. A doctor may follow a course of treatment that was succesful with another patient and think that since it worked for them it will work for you. This is not the case!! do your research and then do what feels right for you! I hope I dont sound shitty I am not trying to. this is just the shitty facts of RSD. good luck
Hi, as for the lawsuit I was referring to your workers comp. there is no cure for RSD and it is a progressive disorder, that means if you got hurt at work and due to these work related injuries you have aquired RSD your work could be found liable in a court of law, and since there is no cure for RSD and you will probably need medical treatment of some kind or other for RSD for the rest of your life and pain and suffering on top of that workers comp will do everything they can to prove you dont have RSD because you could be awarded a hefty settlement with the right attorneys. Suing a doctor for causing your RSD is nearly impossible I found out the hard way. almost any time you have surgery you sign a release form and somewhere on there and usually in very small print it will say something like risk of nerve damage is a possibility blah blah blah. And yes the cold therapy could have caused the RSD but still if your surgery was a result of a work related accident than your RSD is also result of that work related accident. Sorry if my words are repetitive or jumbled I have taken my nightly meds they tend to make me ramble. lol

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