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ohhhh. see i have some of those symptoms and yes depending on where i sit pain does get wors.. now i also suffered from a blood clot and i will tell you sitting made my leg turn purplish black right quick.. so I have something to compare to.. i wonder if they ever did a test on you to see if you had a clot or if it=s assumed (not say this cldnt be rsd as well) im no dr but i can compare in experience.pooling of blood would happen if valves in vein were givving as well as swelling If you didnt get tested by (i thing=k its sono gram or something like it) i would definatly ask. ..that said my clot is cleared and has been for almost 2 years and i still experience symptoms like that and it is RSD.. as far as test showing it it is possible but not guarenteed its different for every one..including the tests used to determine ..they still rely on process of elimination. ask tthe doctors who say this is RSD about what i said see what they say. I would trust thier judgment before a doc who says its all in you head.. good luck to you

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