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[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][CENTER]My husbands dr said he had RSD and sent us to a neurosurgeon. I did research as to what RSD was and the symptoms are and most of them fit my husbands symptoms to a tee. When going to the neuro dr they had 2 MRIs done and nothing is showing up abnormal, the EMG did show some nerve issues but said it was in the L4 and L5. They don't seem to want to diagnose RSD. He just had an epidural injection, which made his pain much worse, and the neuro dr did say if the injection didn't work it was probable RSD. My question is, if it isn't RSD what else could it be? 99% of the symptoms are there and his neuro drs really don't know what is wrong with him, they keep saying he has them stumped, because nothing is working. My husband is getting very upset and impatient because he is in misery and we keep having to come back week after week and not getting many results, he just wants to know whats wrong with him so they can do something to help with pain. His pain meds only take the edge off his pain...Any thoughts?[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]

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