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Re: RSD help
Apr 17, 2011
[QUOTE=AZ gurlie;4725575]My podiatrist and the PM think I might have RSD. I have several symptoms but even the color change isn't constant. They are concerned enough that they are doing the sympathetic nerve block next week with 2 more scheduled the following 2 weeks. I understand you apprehension. I have burning, color change (not as noticeable but there), pain, sensitive to touch..esp wind blowing/ceiling fan, and I can't rest my feet on my bed or anywhere (the heel). I know there are others, I just can't think clearly right now. LOL. The sympathetic block is done in the back for the lower extremities. There is a local block they can do (have had it done) but it basically just numbs the foot for a short while. It is not least it was BAD for me. My foot was numb for about 5 hrs after then the pain/burning came back. (this was done by my old podiatrist)

good luck. =)[/QUOTE]

You don't want to get an injection in your foot or sight of rsd without a sympathetic block done first. My PM dr. told me that AFTER my OS gave me a cortisone shot in my ankle and my rsd got stirred up again. So I would avoid that. Like Az gurlie said, the sympathetic block for you foot would be in your lumbar area of your back. I have rsd in my foot too and that's where they've been each time. I'll never get another shot in my foot, at least without a sympathetic block first.

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