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My husband has RSD. Started left shoulder, arm, hand. has spread to back, chest, right shoulder, arm, and hand, working into lower extremities. As he moans, I cry. Softly, Quietly, so he doesn't hear me. I am depressed. No meds though because we have no insurance. And I do we continue to live like this (and is it worth it?) Any money we can get goes to treatment for Alan because his is the greater need! I have quit my job to be here with him...not so much becuase of the physical need, more because of the great emotional need. But I love him. And I let him know this ...every single day. And I hold him, as the pain will allow. Even if it is to sit and put our foreheads together for a few moments. This monster may cause havok physically and emotionally, but it will NOT diminish the love!

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