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he sweety .. i started with RSD after a slip and fall in 2009 blood clot contusions pulled joints ligiments tendons break tear .. but i had existing back issues migrains carpul tunnel..(im glutton i guess) it took me a while to believe that RSD was a real diagnosis
in fact i didnt take it really seriously till i was pulled from work and nothing was working to take pain away.. research began.. aside from what my drs told me (not much) i learned alot by watching here.. then in my outrage i googled and googled then Greys anatomy of the sympathetic nervouse system..what i learned there is strickly how it works what it controls what and how it inter connects with the other parts of our body..
suddenly my neurologist could not answer my questions..but he found other drs and so on and so forth. i dont always get answers but he tries(good neurologist) hes not affraid to say he is over his head..but eventually you come to understand more than you truelly want to.. via experience..the friends oyu make here and the questions you ask..important to ask alot.. and then you will still feel like your in the dark(sorry) but it does open options to think about.. ketamine research re coma is presently being considered by fda in the usa but until the they have ketamine infusion its a 3 day treatment like chemo.. and success rate is good(not permanet) but good .unfortunatly expensive and not with out its risks as well..then you have the pump..(not good)
scs(mixed feelings) and opiates ..bad in long run but sometimes a necessary evil. and other drugs.. Ask alot here and at the dr.. also dont just look in rsd look at rehab, and other areas you might be having pain in these threads yould be surprised how much you can find that will help your specific needs.. this forum is a well of knowledge (first hand)
and you can honestly get answers unclouded by profits..
I hope this helps you and i hope i can continue to help shed light on things for you

there are a couple of us here who are like this ..good luck and know we are here to help each other

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