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Hello again. I posted about a month ago about being in a car accident, having surgery on my rt hand and elbow and STILL having pain. As mentioned in my earlier post, pain has now gone up my arm and a lot of pain in my shoulder/scapula area. Docs say no rotator cuff tears, etc. My right hand gets extremely cold especially when on computer but sometimes just when sitting and not using it. Constant pain in my shoulder that won't go away.

My doctor says I have a lot of the symptoms of RSD, but not everything matches up so he isn't sure. I don't have any "burning" just aggravating aching nagging pain. Also found I have "superficial vein thrombosis" in my rt calf but doc didn't think it was related.

Does this sound like RSD to any of you or anything you all have dealt with? My doc has referred me to a Pain Clinic and they mentioned doing a Stellate Ganglion Block. Any thoughts on that?

If not RSD, what could it be and will I ever get my life back? I am only 34 and am tired of feeling so much older. I have two beautiful young children I would like to enjoy and not always be so angry/bitter and in so much pain.

PLEEEEEAAASE HELP.......ANYONE?????? :(:confused:

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