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Well, I've had an interesting appt.

Talked with my PM dr. I told him about the spreading up leg, in arm, my ankle joint(non rsd related but still) and hip. He agreed the rsd has spread and it is time for mediction. So he put me on neurontin since I'm allergic to Lyrica. He said he understood how I could be gun shy about the spinal cord stimulator given that every procedure I've had done this year has ended with a serous complication that only made things worse. So that's why he isn't pushing it now. Then, the oddest thing of all....

He told me that maybe it is time I see a pain psychologist. He said he doesn't think I'm crazy or anything, but that it may help with dealing with the pain. He said my PT did tell him (I know my pt in my real life outside of pt as well) that I was dealing with it all really well. He then went on to say how some people hold it in and hold it in and then snap and he didn't want me to snap. He said, "You know, how you hear of th neighbors go off and kill someone because they snapped, or kill themselves because they snapped. Not saying you will snap, but some people ask for help, ask for help, ask for help, and others say nothing and then snap."
What the heck???????????? So I'm thinking to myself, that's what I get for opening up and talking about my pain. He thinks I'm nuts or I'll snap?
Then he said that people who need a spinal cord stimulator have to see the pain psychologist first before insurance will pay, so I'll probably have to do it anyway.

I did ask the nurse after he left how many people go see this guy(the shrink) and she said almost everyone.

I feel like I'm handling everything just fine, thank you, but am wondering if I need to go see the shrink just to get my pm dr. off my back about snapping. I mean I know I'm in a heck of a lot of pain, but really.

I got the block and no warm feeling again. He thought last time was probably a fluke but this time too? So I am a bit discouranged that they aren't working any more. THey worked great for about 3 mos.

So I'm kicking myself about complaining and wondering, Does he really think I'm nuts? Yet all my complications are well documented and he dx'd me witht he rsd to begin with. He's never said the pain wasn't real, but why would he bring this up, especially if my PT told him I was handling it all really well.

Oh, forgot to add that when I picked up the neurontin prescription it had 2 pages about suicide!!! Maybe that is why he wanted me to see the shrink? I don't know. This is really bugging me, can't you tell?

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