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sophiakelly..well surgery has been known to make rsd spread and it can skip about the it also likely to have overlapping issues yeas as it is with me . but at some point yourealize that sooner or later you wind up treating just the rsd as it interferes with your other treatments..i have to incorperate all my treatments into RSD as it affects my back arms mind etc..also so many years have passed for you in dxing rsd wich is bad for treatment of rsd.. they say treatment with in the first 6 mos of rsd onset gets better results..unfortunately a true dx of RSD takes a long time to weed out then with overlapping issues its hard to tell where RSD ends or begins. sorry this prob dsnt help ..hope it does at least give you a little insight. its a long journy and RSD is our unwanted partner through life now.

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