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Hey, me again.

I've been devouring this site like a gorgeous salad sandwich, I've noticed so many people have really put them selves out there. I know that the info i'm after is in a million different places around the boards but i'm afer one reference thread.

Wat i'm after is a basic overview of everyones RSD. Things like Age, starting and current placement of disease, duration, Treatments and especially quirks of the disease. Things like hair loss etc. The little things you dont know if they are RSD or drug related.

I'll start.

My name is Lyza and I'm almost 33
2001 I had it for 4 years and went into remission until last year after a cow accident now it's almost 1 year. It started in my right hand on the index finger knuckle to now all up to the shoulder, no mobility in the arm, left pinkie, left foot and now in my left bicep
I've had a phentolomine infusion, unsucessful
Ketamine infusion, very unsuccesful
Due for a bracchial plexus nerve block in july.

Quirks, this what im really interested in. Hair loss. It wasnt until i read these boards i discovered it wasnt just me.

My eye sight has changed for the worst.

Memory, what memory?

I sweat like there is no tomorrow. Its disgusting.

Absolutely no sleep unless i take a phernergan tablet

Nausea something chronic and tummy cramps.

Irregular monthly cycle, from 3 to 7 weeks for 4 or 15 days.

My nails either dont grow at all or grow intensly fast, terribly ridged too.

um, depression obviously. I'm sure there is more but i want to get this off the ground first. I hope to have other peoples input and i'm very sorry if this is too personal. If no one replies i still wish the best for each and everyone of you.
Thank you !

P.S Really really low blood pressure and shocking sense of balance
Motion sickness really really bad, even watching car chases on TV
And... Dang i forgot !!!!
OH!! Absolute random days of violent vomiting for no obvious reasons
Constant headaches too

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