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Hi Lyza, sorry you had to come out of remission with the wildabeast. I am recently dx, like, lol, i just forgot...anyhow..burning started back in Oct/Nov 2010 after 10 bilateral hand surgeries between 2007-2010. I have learned from these forums and my own research that there are so many symptoms it is virtually impossible to know them all or for any of us to have all of the exact same ones. Then throw in the side effects of the medications and that is when the real party starts!

I was talking to my attorney a few weeks ago and he asked me if there was any other "symptoms" I had or "medical problems" that i never had before.....I answered well no, but I have been getting really weird cluster migraines over the past 4 months and they last for days at a time (i never had them b4)..he was like "WHAT???? you never had those b4, why didn't you tell me?" So, there are so many things that happen to us that we cannot keep track, we forget, we don't always associate them to RSD etc.

my original symptoms were constant hand burning, tingling,very minor swelling and going ice cold. That was it (that I can remember) I still to this day have never had severe swelling, discoloration etc. My treatments have been PT, nerve blocks (6) so far, with some help, i recently was given a Tens unit as well (this is a work comp case dating back to 2006) currently on topamax 200 mg day and cymbalta 120 mg day (after trying neurontin, lyrica and some others I cannot remember) that did not work.

So I think that is my story....see meds make me forget things!!! lol not trying to take away from your questions, just trying to explain how we all differ so much, it is hard to pinpoint specific, definite symptoms, effects for everybody...if that makes any

anywho..welcome and feel free to ask anything you want!! :)

p.s. sweating is a huge pain in the butt. nerves send those goofy mixed signals and here comes the faucet! migraines/headaches are a biggie, something to do with the nerves and blood vessels. (which i learned after getting them) as posted above. I never got the tummy thing or nauseau, but others might.
[QUOTE=Lyza;4757461]Thanks so much for replying, the burning i can definatly relate to.

.i'm forced to wear a slab constantly on my right arm because the pain in my wrist is unlivable and my hand was clawing up huge. My arm swells up and down but my skin is disgusting brown and scaly, also my finger nails have lost there quick.

Lyrica was a no go for me too, I just couldnt function on it. I'm also on Cymbalta, was put on it more for the depression side of it but havent noticed any major changes but who knows what life would be like without it.

QUESTION: Does anyone know if/what RSD does to our internal organs ? No one can give a straight answer and another personal question, do you have issues peeing?

Im sorry if its really personal but im having issues and dont know what the problem is to try and fix it but it feels like my bladder is frozen.[/QUOTE]

HHMMM..peeing, no problem for me, have always peed at least 15 times a day, but I always have something to drink with me (and not diabetic either) wierd huh? Lyrica made my vision very blurry and Neurontin made me a zombie and that was only at 300 mg a day!! No clue what RSD does to the internal organs, but the meds? They have huge potential to ruin the organs if not monitored with regular blood work. I have always had dry skin, but not scaly, but since being on topamax I developed this annoying itch, not rash, but whole body itch. I do not want to come of the medicine because I feel it has provided some relief so may have to talk to doctor about the itchiness. You may want to run the peeing concern by your doctor, it could be RSD related, medication related or something completely is anyones guess. maybe someone else will join in here or you could search a thread for RSD/peeing!!!:D

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