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Ok so you are maxed out on topomax, try switching meds ask about lyrica or neurotin, I use a catapress patch i change weekly, this is clonidine and noramally used to control blood pressure, but also used for nerve pain with RSD. this works wonders, for me anyways.
Lyrica and neurotin are also for nerve pain, I started with lyrica but couldnt tolerate the side affects and am now a on neurotin 300 mgs 3xs aday. Everyone is different some cant tolerate neurotin and use lyrica. Let me just list the meds I take, ok here we go.
Neurotin 300 mgs 3xs aday
Percocet 7.5/325 mg 3xs a day
oxycodone hcl 15mgs only as needed (just during bad flares, up to 4xs a day)
my catapress patch 3
restoril 15 mg at night (sleeping pill)
zanaflex 4 mg 3xs a day
a ketamine compound cream applied 4xs a day to my back (this cream is amazing it loosens the tightness and numbs the site)
prednisone eye drops 1 drop every hour
cyclogyl eye drop 2xs a day (this dialates my eyes because they dont dialate on their own anymore)
I also have a spinal cord stimulator implanted.
Sometimes your body builds an immune to your meds and you need to switch, after a while you can always switch back to see if it helps again.
I prefer to switch meds instead of going to higher doses so I dont max out. RSD is for life I dont want to take to many strong meds too soon you gotta plan your pain care for life and think ahead always hope for the best but unfortunately with RSD expect the worst.
I was also on elavil, its an anti depresant but also used for pain and to help sleep.
I can not tolerate the antidepresents I have tried several, so I take the restoril and have no side affects from it. The topomax I used to take for migraines pre RSD. My 14 year old son has tourettes syndrome and was prescribed topomax for that. I know RSD and tourettes are completely different, but my sons doc told me that topomax when it works, it works wonders but it seems to have a time span for people who use it and after awhile becomes ineffective. after a year it no longer worked for my son. I hope this helps with RSD you just have to keep mixing and matching until you find something that works,for the time being, and when it quits working back to the drawing board, mixing and matching.
hope I am not confusing you. lol

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