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my name says it all ive had it since 2009.. I have read alot about this many drs do have alot to say .. the AMA believe in stages because it fits into their beuricratic b.s...sorry spelling is off. I have seen the stages and as it stands the stages are for CRPS.. wich is the symptoms. if you have RSD it is because it has just about all the symptoms and you really have damaged you sypathetic nervouse system.... if it is crps then that dates back longer due to my herniations and no matter what they do the pain remains..MY dr,s do not believe in the stages there for they have not given me a stage and they are strong on the dx of RSD and refuse to place CRPS in the chart.. In actuality I believe they do belong together as RSD sufferers , suffer CRPS... its confusing I know it took me awhile to get what my drs were saying.. but PM states to me that you cannot use stages as each case is different one person can have all symptoms while some have 1 from stage 1 and some from stage 4.. but to each his own..if I had to give my self a stage I would say 4.. or 5 if you go by another drs staging as it has spread and I suffer most of the symptoms though I fight the atrophy with great pain and diligence.. I get color change temp change from frozen legs to infernos ..but some times i get lucky and my -L4-L5 some times pinches just right and my left leg goes completly numb.I also have edema (swelling) osteoporosis, muscle atrophy as i mentioned before joint lock sensitivity to touch loss of hair on both feet ..rapid nail growth but it is rippled and the nail is extremely brittle . During bad flare ups with extreme swelling my skin splits, I will lose nails. etc.. example last week it was almost 100 degrees here and my leg temp read 42 degrees and was swollen . I get lesions. etc.. migraines are worse and more often. bathroom time is difficult.. but im a stubborn a--. and refuse help. I am still a student of this infliction and it schools me often as im sure it does all of us.. what it has taught me most is. never stop questioning treatments, drs opinions and facts and speak with your peirs.(here) as we all have a difference in knowledge.. right here in this forum ..this is the most important part of our treatmnet .. and its an honor to be able to compare and share with everyone here.....I hope i answered you quest. and Im glad to see how much you participate here.. it will help you and all of us at the same time.....
Be well and godspeed

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