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Re: RSD (now CRPS)
Jun 11, 2011
Hi, I know what you mean about cutting a slit in your eye, the part of my eye that swells is my iris (the colored part) it causes scar tissue to form and my pupils get shaped like stars, its really creepy and the white part of my eye turns blood red. I begged my PM doc to cut my right eye out. My right eye is worse than my left. I just cant tolerate the pain in my eye when it flares. My PM doc of course said no that wont solve anything he said I will still have the pain and could make the RSD worse. I have had RSD for 2 years I was dx at about the 4 month mark. I did several sympathetic nerve blocks tons of physical therapy, but my RSD spread very quickly, I now have a spinal cord stimulator for my left foot and leg which has enabled me to walk with the use of a cane. I am very thankful for that, but the surgery to have it implanted caused spread to my incision sites, I use a ketamine compound cream for that which does help. I am still on alot of meds though. None of the pain meds even touch the pain in my eyes, the oxycodone HCL 30 mgs dont help with the pain but they do knock me out, but even when I am out I still feel the pain weird huh? what are you doing for the pain in your eyes? I have dental work that needs to be done but am so scared because most of my spreads have been caused from either surgeries or IVs. I dont know if I could deal with this in my mouth.

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