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The reason I say I think you are getting a bier block is because I know they use tourniquettes for those blocks not the same as a lumbar sympathetic block. I think those blocks could be very harmful to people with RSD, and cause extreme pain
Kevscar, A sympathetic nerve block is given in the ganglia just outside the spinal cord, this chain runs the length of the spine, You have a lumbar sympathetic nerve block usually given about midway down the back and off to which ever side your body has pain in the lower regions. And then ther is the stellate ganglion nerve block which is given either through the front right side of your neck, if your pain is say in your right arm, or the front left side of your neck if your pain is in your left arm. Sympathetic nerve blocks are in the ganglia if you are getting a needle in your foot for a nerve block It simply is not a sympathetic nerve block, the use of the tourniquette is often used in the bier blocks though which is why I believe that is what kind of block she is getting.

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