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I also have RSD in my left leg, then moved to my left arm although it has gotten better there, just sensitivity and a little burning there.... I am also a karate instructor!

The key is to keep moving. You need to fight to try and get one of the sympathetic nerve blocks and see if they work and then you may need to keep getting them. I've had probably 20 of them in the past 6.5 mos. But also key, and this is a danged if you do, danged if you don't type thing, is to keep moving. Movement equals pain, but not moving equals more pain. I get on the stationary bike 3 times a week. It is non-weight bearing. I hated it at first. I complained to my PT. I started at level 2 and could hardly do it at all. He said if you can only do 2 min do 2 min, then work up. I can now do a half hour on level 6. Yes, my leg is worse right after, BUT the week I took off because my son had football camp I had to be at my leg was at its worst. I was in so much pain. Now was it all because of that, I don't know, but I do believe we have to keep it moving.

Amputation is not good. I have a destroyed ankle joint. I was thinking amputation before the RSD because of the ankle. Remember, with a NON RSD limb, I was thinking amputation. After much research, I realized that with amputation, I would probably not be able to wear a prosthesis and then what. I would not be able to walk and what would that accomplish? SO yes, I still have the bad joint and will be getting a joint replacement instead. Still risky yes, but less risky perhaps for the rsd and will still give me the chance to walk. Don't amputate. I read somewhere that it is a slow painful suicide for rsd people.

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