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Hi wendy, I also have RSD, I have had it for 2 years now, the color changes pretty much stay with you it may not be discolored 24/7, you may find when its cold, when your in the shower, or hanging your leg down, or over using your leg will cause the discoloration, sometimes it will turn for no reason. The nerve blocks if they help you (they dont always help everyone with RSD) could give you relief of your pain maybee for a few hours or maybee a few days and if your one of the lucky ones maybe a few weeks. RSD is different for everyone, and the treatments also affect all of us differently. Are you getting a lumbar sympathetic nerve block? I am sorry you are having to deal with WC my injury was not work related I have read alot of horror stories from people with RSD trying to get treatment through workers comp. As for a cure I am sorry to say there isnt one, best hope is for a remission, which basically means the symptoms go to sleep for a while but can wake up at anytime. Stay away from ice dont use it for swelling, it can make RSD worse or cause it to spread. also try to stay away from surgeries or any kind of shots or nerve blocks in your RSD area. Unfortunately with RSD there is no blood test that will show RSD no xray or mri that can see RSD they pretty much do all these tests to rule out anything else that could be causing your pain. Mostly docs go by what they see and what you tell them, they see the color change and swelling, the hair growth or lack of, some docs use sympathetic nerve blocks as a diagnostic tool If the block works then it has to be RSD, but on the other hand the blocks dont always work for everyone who has RSD. Its a great big aggrivating puzzle.
I hope your block works for you so you can get some relief from your pain.
[QUOTE=kellyevans40;4780136]No amputation will not help. When I first found out what I have, I asked my doc about amputation. He told me that many years ago they used to do this for people with RSD, only to find out that you still have the pain just as if you still had your leg.[/QUOTE]

Also referred to as 'phantom pain.' It happens to a lot of people who have neurological pain, because even if the limb(s) in question are gone, the nervous system is completely out of whack and misfiring all the signals (which causes the pain in the first place), which leads the individual to feel as though they're still in pain even if that particular limb has been removed.

As for the original post, I've had RSD for twelve years now and have had a lot of experience with nerve blocks. Some were helpful and some weren't, but that likely goes for everyone. If it's your entire leg that's in pain, it may be suitable to think about a lumbar sympathetic block. Because the injection is in the lumbar spine, it generally numbs your entire lower body. After the numbness subsides, you should have an idea of whether or not it has had any sort of effect on your pain.
[QUOTE=wendyk33;4780476][QUOTE=K_Lana;4780370]xoliana, It involves my leg from my toes to my hip. I am not sure which nerve blocks i will have. I have to get in to the pain clinic first and they will do them. could be up to 2 years to get in. I am hoping for a cancellation. where do they usually put the nerve blocks? I am quite nervous but anything that will help, I am willing to try![/QUOTE]

The lumbar sympathetic block is a series of needles done in the lumbar spine, which is your lower back. There are so many different locations that nerve blocks can be performed, though. It depends on the medication being used and the area that's most affected by pain.

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