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[QUOTE=paininthefoot11;4796664]I believe how often you get the LSB depends on how you respond to them.[/QUOTE]

What do you mean? Could you elaborate on this? I responded very well. Hadn't been walking in 4 months, and within a couple of days of the block I was walking around, and even able to go uphill. It was amazing!

Unfortunately after an amazing 3-day stint of being very active, I had my first PT appointment and my PT started jabbing my foot, causing a lot of pain. He totally set me back and I'm still doing much better than before the block, but it was a major set back.

[QUOTE=paininthefoot11;4796664]How did you get CRPS? Which foot is it in?[/QUOTE]

I struck my right foot and injured it in March at work, so I'm on WC. Initial xray showed no fracture, but it continued to hurt really badly and I was using crutches. Second xray in May showed no fracture, but MRI showed a stress fracture in my third metatarsal. I had always had swelling, temperature changes (mostly really hot), but eventually I started having intense burning, even more discoloration than before, joint stiffness, very little ROM, increased sweating, really cold, flares that made sleep difficult, had to wear sock to bed because sheets bothered it, etc.

Went back to orthopedist and he said I probably have "mild CRPS." Didn't feel mild to me! (Although I do realize that I'm in the early stages and there are some who have it much worse than me). Ortho perscribed me 100mg Gabapentin 3 times/day and sent me on my way without even an explanation of what CRPS is.

I went home and looked up CRPS and felt like I needed to see an expert to get this thing early. My Ortho always spent like 30 seconds with me and I wanted to get better care. Got a referral to Pain Management from my Primary Care doc, and got my first Lumbar Nerver Block on the day of my first appointment, 6/28. Now I'm not set to see my PM until 7/26, and I'm concerned about that because most people on here seem to have had the blocks closer together. Should I call my PM to inquire about this?

I'm also trying to get into physical therapy with someone who knows what they're doing, as opposed to my first PT who just started jabbing my foot really hard and caused a major flare and the biggest regression since my block. I am just having a lot of trouble finding someone who has experience with CRPS. My PM suggested someone at UCSF (where my PM doc is, too), but they have a month wait!

Does anyone have any tips on how to expedite getting an appointment. I know that early treatment is super important, and these long waits to get appointments are killing me!

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