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Hi Shelbie, I have also been on lots of different meds, I do have a spinal cord stimulator which for the burning pain is wonderful, however it only covers my left foot and leg. for the rest of my body parts that have RSD I find that the neurotin with my catapress patch works the best, the neurotin dont work so great with out the patch. and the patch works better with the neurotin. I take restoril to sleep, zanaflex for muscle spasms and percocet for the stabbing pain and the deep bone pain. I also have oxycodone HCl 15 mgs for when I have really bad flares. Nothing has ever taken the pain away completely. the sympathetic nerve blocks when they worked came the closest for complete relief for me but only lasted 2 or 3 days. I hope this helps. google the catapress patch and RSD, it is a blood pressure med but has good results for me anyways with the RSD pain. Oh I almost forgot my ketamine compound cream this really soothes the burn.

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