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Man, it's such a hard thing to wrap your head around aggressive treatment of a chronic illness, I know...
I think I felt like I WAS treating aggressively w/my PM using antidepressants, NSAIDS, and the gabapentin but my pain still climbed and I could barely move. Light, sound, everything was an instigator for further pain.
I found a new GP hoping that explaining my symptoms holistically as opposed to just describing my CRPS pain would better help me track my health overall and be able to make some differences. For me, that is what has been the MOST helpful so far. I found a very intelligent but very open minded doctor who deals with pain management on a regular basis but has the time and resources of a private practice as opposed to a large hospital system. Now I still see my PM every 4-6 weeks but I am in contact with my GP multiple times per week while she treats each of my individual symptoms with a combination of both pharmaceutical and alternative therapies. A GP or PM in a private practice just has more TIME and they are able to put their passion into their patients.

My current medications and therapies that have helped (in case any of these can help you) are:

gabapentin 800 twice/day and 1600 at night
50mg seroquel to sleep (prior to this level of tranq I was waking up due to pain every half hour)
20 diazapam 3 times/day and as needed for muscle spasms (huge helper)
500mg Acety L-Carnatine
5 days of kertoralac injections then 5 days off (torridol- awesome NSAID)
5 days of meloxicam then 5 days off when on keterolac
MS Contin extended release varying qtys at this point
Tennis ball trigger point therapy
massage therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy w/a great psych

I think the biggest thing that makes the treatment "aggressive" is that you don't settle for living life incapacitated and find the right professionals who can help you become as functional as possible.

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