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[QUOTE=lolobi;4809391]Hello all,

Anyone have any luck with Cymbalta? My doctor suggested I try it.

I'm on Gabapentin and it's making me really mentally foggy... can't remember what I'm saying halfway through and have difficulty finding the word.

Share your Cymbalta experience with a CRPS newbie :/


Initial injury (stress fracture in third metatarsal) occurred in March 2011. Diagnosed with CRPS in May. Had first nerve block on June 28th and am getting a second one in a week. Had very positive response to first one. Titrating up on Gabapentin, at 400mg 3xs/day now. Responding to treatment so far. Hoping for remission.[/QUOTE]

Hi there,

I do take Cymbalta for CRPS in my hands. It is really hard to tell if it works bcuz I also take Topamax for them as well. I tried Gabapentin twice and both times I only took one 300 mg at bedt time and felt like a truck hit me in the morning. I did not want to get out of bed and just wanted to that is why I switched to Topamax. I started with the Cymbalta awhile ago by itself..I do think it helped, but not a ton by itself. I take 60 mg 2x a day. and 100 mg of Topamax 2x day (when I remember the 2nd dose) I also had nerve blocks. Just had my 8th one. I had a series of 6 in a month and they helped take the burning feeling away, which helped. I just had 2 and am not having any more unless I need them in the future. Dislike needles in my neck! I have had 10 sugeries between both hands!:dizzy:

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