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[QUOTE=kbsv;4828376]Hi everyone- I have been lurking here for a few days. I wanted your opinion on my case and some guidance if possible:
I had a minor ankle sprain 4 months ago. Sprain never recovered after PT. Had 2 negative MRIs. After 6 weeks my calf and knee began to hurt- a burning pain but it also felt swollen inside. Had ankle arthroscopic surgery 3 weeks ago. Ankle is doing great. But burning pain up the calf, into the knee and up into the thigh is worse.
There is NO swelling, no sensitivity, no color changes, no temperature changes no changes to hair or nail growth. Nothing hurts when I wake up. It only starts to burn once I have walked around for a bit.
My podiatrist says it's not RSD and is sending me for a nerve conduction test today. He thinks it is sciatica or a nerve issue going down the leg.
I wanted your opinion on how hard to press for a referral to someone who can rule out RSD. And also, who should I go to? A neurologist? A Pain specialist?
I live in Northern California. Any recommendations would be so great.- I am panicking!
Thank YOU all! You sound like an amazing group of survivors.[/QUOTE]
I guess I was "lucky" to have all the characteristics of RSD when I had surgery to repair my shattered wrist 1 yr. ago. I had 3 nerve blocks which gave me pain relief but I am left with a wrist & hand that don't work. I would push to see a pain management specialist. I've learned in the year since my accident that the symptoms related to RSD don't have to be present to be diagnosed. Hope this helps. Be vigilant about your care!

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