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Feb 4, 2001
I had surgery on 10/23/00 for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Shortly after having the surgery i began to have a burning, aching, stiffness type of pain in both hands and wrist area. My fingers began to swell and the palms of my hands were red and bluish in color. The neurosurgeon who did my cts did not recommend me to go for any type of physical therapy. I thought the pains and discomfort i was experiencing was part of the recuperation process from the cts. I had read on another board about RSD. Prior to reading about it i knew nothing about the infliction. Never heard the term RSD before. I decided to go to an orthopedic surgeon who after immediately seeing my hands said i may have RSD. He sent me to a pain mangement clinic where a bone scan was done to see if RSD was present, but the test results came back inconclusive for RSD. The dr. at the pain clinic started treating me anyways for RSD. He started with nerve block treatments, 3 shots on both sides for a period of a few weeks. He put me on a medication called Elavil and started me on physical therapy 2 times a week. I must say that i am feeling better. I am far from feeling 100% cured but i am certainly 50% better. I am not taking the nerve block shots anymore. I am going for physical therapy twice a week and i am still taking the Elavil. My biggest complaint that i am expirencing now is joint stiffness and soreness. That kind of pain i can live with though. The excruciating burning pains i had been experiencing prior to having the shots and therapy are just about gone. So for anyone who does have RSD there is hope!! Go to a doctor who is very familar with RSD. The faster you get the proper treatment the better your chances to lick this thing will be. I wish everyone who has RSD the best of luck. May God bless us all.

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