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I am a 24 year old male that contracted Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy while serving in the United States Marine Corps. While on Active Duty I suffered a compound tibia fracture. The fracture was treated as any fracture such as surgery and casting. One and a half weeks later after the injury I was suffering from tremendous pain that words could not explain. The Navy Doctor immediatly removed the cast to find my lower right leg and foot swollen 3x its normal size. I was then transfered to Bethesda Hospital for more testing. It was there were I was diagnosed with possible RSD. The doctors were so uneducated I went almost 1 month before any treatment was conducted. At this time I was given a series of Nerve Bire Blocks with a total of 36 that was given. Along with 16 Epiderals and 16 Turniquet Bire Blocks. After the suffering from the treatment techniques, I was then told that due to all of the medication that I was given they had burned out my nerves completly in my Right Lower Leg.
After a period of literally dragging my right leg behind me wherever I went for 6 months I was discharged from the Marines with a very low percentage rate of only 10%. I was immediately enrolled in the veterans affairs and was upped to 20%, and this was in 1996. My mobility in my leg finally increased but I still have a terrible limp with no feeling whatsoever. After being shifted around in the VA system I was told that the doctors in the VA did not know how to treat RSD, and that my best case was to go to my own primary care. Due to the low percentage rate I had to continue my life and work, and support my family.
In July of 1999 I suffered a fracture of my left ankle, while working, after forwarning the physician that I have RSD, he treated the injury once again as just a fracture. Then 2 weeks after casting the same syptoms occured. He removed the cast to only find the same swelling 3x the normal size that it should be. He denied the fact that RSD could be in that extremity, since it was not the infected Leg. I then requested a second opinion and had to be removed from workers compensation because I did this. My new physician then ran a multitude of testing, and confirmed RSD not only in my right lower leg, but in the left leg as well. Due to this I was off work for 6 months, but returned to find out that my postion @ work was replaced by someone else. I was given a job that with my capabilites I could not perfom, Therefore leading me to quit.
While off from work I started noticing some weird symptoms, I was having eye tremors, dizziness, blackouts, and uncontrollable falling spells that would in some cases send me completly to the ground. This began getting worse with the spells increasing from monthly to weekly and now to daily. It was at this time I went once again to the VA for help. I was shifted around once more, only to find out that they could not help.
It was not until Feb. of 2000 I recieved a letter from the VA stating that they had found a Doctor that could treat my RSD. I went to him, and he immediatly began testing for M/S. To my surprise I was diagnosed with it, and after extensive testing the end result was that RSD contributed to my M/S. I am now in late stage 3 of RSD, and my hope is thinning out everyday. The doctors told me to just enjoy my life the best that I can, and watch my kids grow. The doctor I was seeing in the VA System, took another Job that is not affialated with the VA, and the only insurance I have is Veterans. I live in Southeastern Kentucky and I am running out of options, I guess this is my fault for relying on the VA, and for not seeking Medical Help somewhere else. But in the end I am looking for assistance if anyone knows of a Physician that could possibly help me with my RSD and M/S. I would surely appreciate it. May God Bless you, and for all of the people that have RSD, please remember You cannot fight this alone.

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