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I'm new to the board. I've been dealing with CRPS since March 2010. I was in the best shape of my life, then pulled the deltoid muscle in my left shoulder- and it spread from there. I've been through all the treatments: physical therapy, stellate ganglion blocks, TENS unit (can't use now because it irritates my skin too much). Now I am waiting on approval from insurance to get a trial SCS. Has anyone noticed that with Lyrica at 100mg 4x a day, that you get LOTS of swelling of the feet and hands and have significant quick weight gain. They upped my dose by 100mg about 4 weeks ago, and now I'm up 8 pounds and have big swollen feet and hand and my stomach is very big. If anyone else has dealt with this, I'd like to hear from you.
I was on neurontin, very similar med, and I gained, I'm not kidding, 1/2 lb a day at least. Somedays it was 1lb a day. That was eating 1200 calories and doing the exercise bike for 1 hr a day. I was a zombie on top of it. My dr. switched me to Zonegran, and I liked it for the most part. I lost the weight quickly. Once I got a high dose though I started getting headaches so I stopped it around the same time I got my scs put in.

Zonegran and Topamex both can help you lose weight vs. Lyrica and neurontin which can cause weight gain. I was so frustrated gaining weight when I was watching my calories and working out when I was on the neurontin. It didn't seem to be fair to have to deal with weight gain on top of rsd.
Hi, Im on Lyrica from 4 to 6 times a day depending on my pain level. I have gain around 100 pounds in over 6 years, especially around the stomach area and it doesn't seem how little I eat or as much as I exercise the weight doesn't go away. But Lyrica does help with my pain, I was on Topomax but my kidney levels were getting high so it was between the Lyrica and Topomax and my Dr took me off of the Topomax. Hope you are feeling better
I have had RSD for 4.5 years and have gained 100 lbs. It is horrible! I can not take neurontin or lyrica, or most of the rest of the meds because of severe allergies. The weight gain I think is part of the whole condition. I watch what I eat and try to exercise (certainly not the way I want to nor used to) but the pounds keep coming and I agree it is all around the belly area. I have recently started limiting carbs almost to the point of eliminating them, and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I would love to hear how others are managing to keep their weight under control with RSD.

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