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I agree with Mark, your dr my be overly optimistic. I have the Boston Scientific Precision Plus Stimulator that your dr is speaking of. I had this implanted on May 2, 2011 after 30 hours the battery quit working and would not hold a charge. The new battery was implanted on June 2, 2011 after fighting with Boston Scientific about who was going to pay for the replacement. I won that argument.

I have RSD in my left leg and now in my left shoulder and arm. The SCS does help with the RSD pain, although not as much as I had expected. I think I was overly optimistic along with my dr's. I regret getting the implant. I have had alot of complications since the surgery. The implant is sitting right on my spine as it moved in the pocket during healing and then the replacement. I have alot of lead pain that causes electrifying pain up my back. Sometimes I have to shut it off as my eyes, teeth and tongue are vibrating to the point that I have almost a migraine. During the healing process, while waiting for scar tissue to form around your leads and give a more final position of your leads, you will have sensation everywhere. My sensations went to both legs, groin area and up to my chest. I have had to turn the SCS off as it was giving me heart palpitations and was stimulating my chest wall, making it very hard to breathe. It does help with the constipation from the pain meds by stimulating my colon I guess. Although sometimes you can not control this (not a good thing). When I attempt to lay down, drive or sit it is nearly impossible to do this normally as the implant is sticking out so far (like I said it is sitting right on my spine.

I don't want to crush your hopes of pain relief, but be really sure you want this implant before you do it. If I could go back I would not do it again.


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