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I have nerve damage from an epideral I had in 1999. I had severe pain, tingling, sensitvity to and stimulus(air blowing on me, clothing, emotions...anything) along with numbness yet pain. I know I sound like I'm talking in circles but neve damage can be hard to describe. Anyways...the doctor said I was on the road to RSDS and started me in HydroTherapy. (water) It was the only way I could move without pain. The"zinger" as we called them started to subside after a few weeks and the doctor said I avoided RSDS. My question is this...Can I still get it or do I have a mild form of it? My symptoms currently include...numb and tingling waist to toes an left side, pain in my hip if I don't exercise enough, pain in knee, burning sensations in foot up to knee, numbness yet pain...I know it sounds like I making things up but this true. The hair on my left leg grows twice as fast as the right and if I don't shave it before bed it irratates me to the point of not sleeping. The sheet can just brush the skin on my lower back and send me into pain. Please help! I have seen a neaurologist but gave them up...they put me through some unpleasant tests and I don't want to do that anymore. Thanks for any info and help.


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