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I was just hoping to find someone with some answers as to what is happening to my arm. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in April'98 had the decompression surgery October'98 and at the follow up exam with the surgion had an onset of severe neck pain. I have had severe shoulder pain and had two sets of cortizone shots since then, and about a month ago I was diagnosed with RSD. The pain management doctor that diagnosed me (finally....after seeing about 5-8 specialists)feels that I have had this condition since that follow-up with the surgeon who did the carpal tunnel. (I have recently had another positive EMG study for carpal tunnel again) Anyways, because so much time elapsed and I was never treated, does anyone know if this is going to be permanant? I have lumps in my neck, and I am afraid to find out what they are... I also am worried that Workmans Compensation has recognized the Carpal Tunnel, and is compensating me for that condition, now that I have been diagnosed with RSD even though it could be a direct result I may end up getting cut off again. I was fired from the job that caused the condition so I no longer have any medical coverage, and the costs of these nerve blocks are expensive... Anyone with any suggestions, answers or help would be greatly appreciated.. even just someone who is going through the same thing to talk to would be great...


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