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Hi, I also was diagnosed with RSD. It was officially diagnosed by a pain management doctor after months of obvious symptoms that the orthopedic doctor chose to ignore. It started in my right foot/ankle and has since spread to my left foot, right calf, right hand/arm and shoulder, and low and mid-back. I am currently taking Ultracet, Norco, Baclofen, Elavil and Lidocaine patches. I am taking pills all day and all night with no relief. Sleep is non-existent for days at a time; I finally crash for 13-14 hours every 4-5 days. I cannot lie down because of severe back spasms; also, I cannot put any pressure at all on my right arm. It is very hot here and just having the fan on to circulate the air is like torture on me. I used to be a workaholic; I worked very hard and was very good at my job in a hospital. Now I have to sit home and try and get through the days and nights without having serious thoughts of ending this whole mess. I have always been a very very strong individual but this has pushed me way over the edge. I have had a series of 6 lumbar epidural nerve blocks, which only stopped the coldness in my right foot. They did nothing to stop the pain. My doctor changed my meds every week to try and find some that would give me some relief and that I could tolerate, as I have some severe drug allergies. My ex-husband had a back injury and got addicted to pain medicines and it turned him into a monster-so I informed my pain management doctor from the start that I didn't want the "big guns" as far as pain meds were concered. However, I have not had a working vehicle in over a month and cannot get to my appointments(he is 3 hours' drive from here). But when I do get to get a car and resume treatments, I am asking for whatever meds he will give me to make this STOP. I used to say that "I have RSD, it doesn't have me." Well, now I am of the conclusion that RSD does have me. I am sick of not being able to do anything anymore. I want my life back. The other night, I had dinner with my boyfriend. I had loaded up on pain meds and muscle relaxers so I could have dinner in a minimal of pain; yet when I tried to cut my steak, I kept dropping the knife. My arm was in spasm and I had no control over it; I had to ask him to cut my meat like a little child. Talk about embarrassing! I was totally mortified. If this is the best quality of life that I can have, I don't think I want it.


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