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Big Question to pose: Can RSD spread to full body involvement? I say yes, because I live new GP says no, contrary to my PM specialist and my neurologist. I had a large tumor remove from my Sciatic Nerve 3 years ago. The RSD started in my left leg and eventually spread to my left. My arms followed. Can the eyes be involved? A big problem now is my BP keeps dropping very low. The lowest being 50/30. I typically can not stand without it dropping 20 points. I have many strange seizure like falls but it starts with my vision going black and my body thrashing, I can't control it, followed by falling to the ground. My body continues to thrash and twitch and my vision remains black while on the floor. Slowing my body stops moving so violently and my vision is restored. Does anyone know what is happening to me? HELP Please. I would like to hear other stories of RSD involvement and "Odd" occurances. Thanks in advance and May the Lord Bless us All with patience, peace, and hope fpr a cure. Nikkilee
Yes, RSD can spread. There are doctors who feel it does not, and these are the docs to avoid. You can read about RSD through the RSD Assn. of America: [url=""][/url]
This horid thing can deffinently spread all over. Everything you described has been proven to be related to RSD. Go to [url=""][/url] this doctor has some wonderful information. Read through the puzzles, you will find info. about all the medical problems you are having.

My RSD started in my lower right leg due to an injury to my right hip. It quickly spread to my left leg and is now moving in to both arms. I have blurred vision sometimes and get severe headaches that seem to last for days. If your doctor is not associating all of your medical problems to your RSD then you need to get to another doctor quickly. Based on the symptoms you are describing you are in atleast stage 4 it sounds like. I pray that you get good help soon.

My prayers are with you. The more people we educate about RSD the more chances that just one of them may find a way to help us all.

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