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I have RSD in my right hand and lower arm due to an injection of medication that was given incorrectly. This has been going on since early 2001. I have seen several doctors--all agree with the RSD diagnosis.

I saw a hand surgeon and his theory is this:
RSD feeds off of a pain source. The swelling I have from the RSD has caused Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If he goes in and stops the CTS--the RSD MAY "burn itself out". He gave me an injection on anti inflammatory my last visit and said if it worked, this would prove his theory. Well, within about 7 days, I noticed that the tingley pins and needles in my fingers was more tolerable and I am a bit more flexible as the pain is not so constant. I still experience the swelling and sensitivity to temp, touch, etc.

I know that RSD can spread. So, my fear is that if I have the surgery, I may end up worse than I am now. Now, I am still able to work and do for myself. I'd be beside myself if I got worse.

any advise on this would be appreciated.
Thank you-

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