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hi! Welcone to this forum. Rsd is a pure living h---.

RSD can spread to your eyes, it can spread anywhere in the body.

Personally I would never have a symthectomy. The nerve usually ends up growing back and you can end up with RSD spread and way worse off then you are now.

I have had abot 12 blocks without much sucess either. it took my dr about 5 months to diagnose my rSd.

I fell on the ice going into work 2 years ago.I went through pt for 5 weeks with extreme pain then the dr. finally did a bone scan and found a break in my wrist from the fall. legally I could do nothing, I was just plain out of luck.

About 3 weeks after the cast came off the pain and swelling were extreme. That is when my dr. did another bone scan and a mri and said I have RSD.

If I were you I would contact a lawyer to find out your rights. There are lawyers who will give free consultations. I would check into this.

I wish you the best. Rsd is a horribble disorder I wouln't wish it on my worst enemy.

Take care Cattys

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