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Oct 25, 2002
Hi' I have some questions about RSD. But first let me tell you of my Esperance a little. Sorry about the length. I have a friend that has RSD in the last stage. she was working at a nursing home and broke her left wrist in both bones and it was not found for 3 mouths. She has had RSD for a long time 6 or 7 years. She is looking for a support group around kingston Okla. If this is not enough My husband had a very big drill twist and broke his finger by the wrist. His boss took him to their doctors they said it was sprained he could go back to work. That night he came home and showed me Told me it was just sprained I said "that is sprained" I don't think so. He went to work the next day came home at 12;00 in pain called the clinic to tell them the need to look at the x- rays again. They did and it was "sprained" still. So' I took him to The ER DR. Ford said it was broke. He was off work till it was put in a cast for two weeks he worked with the cast on got it wet. The cast came off and his hand was very stiff, pain full 'and swelling. I called the doc told him the problems " said the more your use it the better".Ok we'll give it a try. A week goes by and problems are no better so, I call back Again! to tell them his hand is still messed up. I get the more you use it the better .I'm Thinking $^%#$%%^&(^*)&. This doc. also' released him with no permeant disability . What the ---. And we picked this doc not W/C *WOW* shaking and bowing head in embarrassment. OK get him another DOC some PT/OT it will be ok. I call W/C and tell them of the swelling stiffness and pain of the hand and the elbow pain {this will blow your mind they sent him to a hand specialist *WOW*.)DR. Yocum a very good DOC W/C *wow* .At this time it is still the good adjuster Bill more about the good adjuster V. the bad adjuster later . We thought he had some kind of bone roughing problem LOL. The bone turned out to have heal well. Doc, said he had twisted the intrinsic surrounding the fingers. Ok sounds reasonable to me. This doc puts him on TTD. OT. pain meds *WOW*. Now' he is having numbness in two fingers the one that was broke and the little one burning in the wrist. SO you know what that means CTR .After starting to heal from the CTR. This is where W/C shows its ugly face. At one of the doc appointment the med case manger shows up and gets in a shouting altercation with the W/C Doc. Yep' their own Doc. She ask why he was not back to work. doc. said his hand was not any better and he didn't know why but he didn't think it was RSD. That when it takes a person longer to heal that what is expected W/C thinks they are GOLD BRICKS .Plus he told W/C that he hade cubital tunnel. The adjuster told us they did not want to buy DR. Yocum a boat. Well I say that if it will fix hubby buy the DOC. a boat. Now, looking back and reading the board I'm kind glad he didn't have the surgery. It might have made it more painful???? So' W/C sends him to another doc. a shoulder becomes he is having pain increasing^ in his shoulder. this doc said he had a rotator cuff problem and gave him a shot this was not a good thing. Then he had a muscle spasm that pulled his head on his shoulder . The rotator cuff was ruled out by MRI. DOC. said that there was nothing he could do for him Take a fce test Another trick OF W/C so they can get you off the case load. that was not going to work. The adjuster told us that he was having a case load change to case W.C in Texas. Now we are changed to the new adjuster that his sole purpose was to cut hubby off W.C. O now he has been on vioxx. celabrexs ,and all the others they don't work du he has got nerve problems not arthritis. Next Doc, now we are to the Doc. switching {maybe so W/c can get a doc to say nothing is wrong}. This doc. said disc in the neck OR RSD get him some work where he did not use the arm at all. This Doc. Sent him to have the diagnostic blocker shot. But it was not gave to him because he was not having pain in the hand and arm However; the shoulder was hurting. next one said his elbow was mest up but he could work. crazy &^*&%&)*&&*&%&. W/c drop him at this point the $^^%^%(%^%(^^. He had to get a lawyer took 3 mouths to get the medical and check started again. Lawyer DOC said everything was mest up with his arm and neck. But' he did not have RSD. Court ordered doc said no to RSD to have a Myelogram NOV. the 4. OK he will let you touch his arm????? Does any one with RSD not have the sensitive to touch???? It hurts most when he uses it then he has all the symptoms but not the knots. He has burning, swelling, shooting pain, temp problems. But, some time it will hurt for 3 days for no reason. things that help rest ,heat, TENS, meds for nerves Valium, amitriptylin works really the best for sleep and the next day, flexaril. well what do you thing RSD or not??????? Trina

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