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Is this RSD
Apr 25, 2003
Hi everyone. please help me with this issue and thankyou all in advance. my question is>>do i have RSD?..two doctors have told me so but i dont know. so i want to talk to people that have RSD. my story..i was in a MVA in 11/02 and suffered a herniated disc at C5-6 and herniated disc at L4-5. was being treated for the herniations when in early january 03 i noticed the second finger on my right had gotten cold most of the time and red. my doctor said it was from the herniated disc in my neck. but the coldness spread to all the fingers in the right hand. finaly the whole right hand would turn purple in color ice cold most of the time and very painful at times. in early march it spread and i got the same symptoms on the left hand. so what i have to date is...right hand>>swollen till it looks like the skin will burst, red and purple most of the time ice cold on and off redness travels up the whole arm to neck but a lighter shade of red like a pink than the hand which is purple. swelling will go up to the elbow on the right hand. on the left hand it is red and purple like the right side but doesnt swell as much. the lighter redness will travel up that arm also up to the neck. the neck is always red also like a sunburn. today my hands fingers elbows and shoulders feel like they have bad arthritis in them. they are painful and very stiff to move. NOW HELP ME WITH THIS...the only reason i dont think this is RSD is because everything i have read about RSD shows that RSD has all these symptoms but it seems like i am missing something..PAIN..everything i have read about RSD says SEVERE BURNING PAIN is the hallmark of RSD. now i have pain and real bad at times (i take vicodin as needed) and at times my hands, arms, neck feel like someone has a cigarette lighter burning them or like i had a blister on my hand and put it in the know how that feels.. but i dont feel its like i have read about also seems like pain and discomfort is slowly getting worse like maybe if this keeps up i wont be able to use my hands and arms are very senitive to air blowing on them, also water makes them burn and i dont want anybody touching me. so can you give me your input?? has my pain tolerance raised since i have been in constant pain since 11/02?? is RSD different in everybody?? what are your thoughts?? 2 doctors said i have RSD but i just dont know.. PS..i had a emg this week. the doctor said i had a nerve problem on my right side. dont have the final report yet. dont know if that might help you. when i asked him about my hands and ect, he just said my sympathetic nervous system was out of control and need to get treatment for that and thats all he said. dont know if that helps you.. thankyou all..

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