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After reading different post about therapys you all have gone thru. Childern/adults that have vigurous 5 hr days at a therapist. I have RSD/CRPS II due to surgery on my nerve, ny right arm. I have Occupational Therapy 3x's a week for maybe an hr sometimes less. And that consiste of warmth on my arm, then she moves each joint 3 to 7 times depending on my pain. They are there to make me more comfortable, not to make me hurt more. Then I read about how some have been in programs where they work hard and regain everything they have lost plus the pain goes into remission. My Therapist wants this new brace to see if I can handle it for 45 min a day. My dr shakes his head says you won't handle it 20 min a day and calls the therapist. I will get it, but will start out at 10 - 15 min a day. Then I read about some of you who go without meds, how do you do it.

Why is it that some can recover some, others don't at all. I even read one post that a child went without meds and had this vigous physical therapy.

Please this has me really confused, my doc's tell me not to go overboard on a good day. I ussually do and pay for a week.

Stickgirl :bouncing:

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