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Hi Cattys, Thanks for your timely response. I am a Gulf war VET and I go the VA Hospital. I had CTS on 5 Dec and I knew the moment the regiional block from surgery subsided, that something was wrong because I had the left had done 2 months earlier, so I had something to compare it with. My orthopedic surgeon released me and sent me to a neurologist and all my medical records say form Ortho is: "Possible post OP RSD", and the neorologist medical report says: "Apparent RSD" That really doesn't tell me anything, does it? I was in PT, but they released me when I brought a report from a private pract to have the Nerve conduction test. The results were abnormal with severe acute ongoing denervation with minimal evidence of reinervation. I was on nuerontin for 6 weeks with no help, then Keppra and this is not working and it has been 6 weeks also, so I am calling my doctor today and ask if I can stop taking the Keppra because the fear of side effect without the benefit of the medication working for me. Thanks again and be blessed and thank you for your information. Oh! I do have an appointment with a fellowship hand surgeon the enod of May in St. Paul MN. Be blessed,

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