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Re: Hello Everyone!
Apr 30, 2003
Hi Cattys
Even having the same IME twice is not common. The WC, as well as you, want as many different doctors claiming the same diagnosis. Be very clear and consistent in your description.

Interpretation of x-ray are very interesting. You will always find that the doctors paid by wc minimize the damage or extent of the injury. Not sure why when it is right there in black and white ;)

Cattys, WC will refuse to pay for any tx unless it is curative. Well, not to many things are curative accept maybe 'time.' In that case then why do they cut people off?(just some ill logic I have yet to understand from a humanity point of view).

Other than basic massage and approp. PT, tx esp. as invasive as the SCS should be held off until a dx is in place. But here we are talking about many doctors dx you and yet the one doc they need to dx you isn't?
That's crap! Sorry, but half the reason we are all on here years later is because tx was too late in coming.
Injured workers usually find the best possible doctors and then the WC sends you to one doctor you case pivots on and the doctor never even heard of CRPS prior to that moment. Sorry, a little hostility let from not being dx for 4 yrs and having the 'best' doctors in my area. LOL

How many IME is dependant on how long one is one WC at the level of 'can you work or not, if you can how much, what type etc.' Otherwise you are on full disability, LTD, or SSD.

The WC doesn't want you to build a relationship with any of the doctors they provide. They want clear, unattached, precise dx and object input as to what's in your future. But if you find one of the doctors they provide very good and they do not work at the WC building, you can take them on as a doctor after the IME.

As a medical professional myself, I find what often happens is that patients are so ill they cannot communicate effectively as to what is happening with them. Doctors are also to blame because they don't recognize the degree in which this illness affects us. You know what they say about crap and rolling down hill. It is the injured worker that pays(in the form of not being paid) for this.

Be very realistic at what you can and can't do. Document you day and show your doctor. Your doctor should be advocating for you as well. Its simple that. If you can't work your doctor should be consistently writing that.

At the 2 yr mark I do find there is an evaluation of the entire case. The next one for me was at the next 2 year mark. Not sure if this is there pattern or not. Maybe someone else knows. It feels like an eternity does by in one day when pain levels are severe. After awhile these symptoms become a part of you. I have been in the last stage of CRPS since yr 2. It can get better for awhile and then slip back again in the severe symptoms.

Nice chatting with you too

Hi and welcome to the forum if I haven't said so yet.
With TOS there are several causes for it. In relation to TOS it can lead to CRPS(RSD) or the CRPS can cause the TOS. In any event, the basic problem is pressure on some major nerves and/or blood vessels in the neck that are not going away until the pressure is relieved.

How to relieve the pressure is dependant on what the cause of the pressure is. Is it swelling, a rib, over developed muscles, a fibrous band?
The very reasons for the pressure determines if surgical intervention is necessary.
I choose to have surgery as the doctors weren't clear in the cause but knowing my job, my own fitness regime(also very athletic), and the way I was injured, the possibility for fibrous bands was very strong.
The surgery proved to be helpful as there were fibrous bands. By removing them the TMJ lessened and the pressure on my arm was less. Still, surgery is not recommended for people with CRPS and I was not yet diagnosed as such. I don't believe it would have made a difference in my decision neither. I strongly believe there are times where surgery can allievate the route problem of CRPS and either get better or possible worse but one problem is removed.
The opposite side I will not have surgery on at this point. Though there may be swelling in there and lead to CRPS on that side, the main cause of this from the TOS on the injured side.

I understand what you meant about not relating to people with stictly TOS not TOS/CRPS(RSD). TOS can be from annoying to not being able to use your arms. Numbness and tingling and having a hard time using your arms because they feel useless. CRPS is rated as 42/50 on the McGill pain scale and is more painful than most Cancers. I have seen many people suffer from a wide variety of illnesses and many would not relate to the nerve pain associated with this disease. I wish no one had to relate to this type of pain.

I truly believe there is no need to truly suffer even with CRPS. There are meds, tx that can help take even some of the pain away. The problem is that doctors are educated enough on this and have various other concerns such as addiction where the information does not support it. Allevaiting human suffering should be a priority when choosing a doctor when one has this disease.

The one thing I can strongly suggest is that movement is a key in CRPS. Not over doing it but moving 'regardless of the pain.' Its the most difficult thing to do given the severity of pain but the most beneficial form of tx to ourselves.

Never give up. Today it feels like there is no tomorrow and then one day you filled full of promise.


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