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Re: Hello Everyone!
Apr 28, 2003
[quote]Originally posted by cattys:
[b]Shaman, welome to this forum. I substained a work injury in 2001 and rsd started in my wrist now it is all the way up into neck and starting in my legs now.

How did you know that it was in your bladder and uterus? I can't imagine how painfull that would be.

Is yours work comp? Can you work now? I am never able to do my old job again and have no idea what will happen with my employment status I am currently recieving workman comp while I am recovering from a spinal cord stimulator implantation. Meanwhile my employeer terminated me saying I went over my fmla time limit. This isn't even fmla it's comp.

This diasese steals so much from us then we get treated awfull from are employeers if only they could feel our pain for one day.

Welcome again to the forum and I look forward to posting to you in the future.

Take care cattys[/b][/quote]

Hi Cattys, sorry to here you have this too. Yes, it steals alot from us.

With my uterus the CRPS causes 'severe' cramping before and during menstration. If its not that one month its the lining dropping out intact where it would spread in pieces during this time.

My bladder has settled down alot lately but at one point it was like having bladder spams with a bladder infection but antibiotics didn't take them away. I also get a flair up of the neuro rash from my knees to my breasts that still have doctors wondering 'what is it?'

Catty, my injury is work comp and I have been told I can work 4hrs a day but at a job where I do not use my dominent hand, nor 2 hands. The WC doc put the restrictions so tight on me that he put me out of the job market.

I would love to work. Realistically I know I can't unless we have employers that also work with us. I am truly sorry your employers do not understand what injury can do to someone. It does boil down to the buck.

Thanks for the welcome and I hope to chat more with you


Where there is help there will always be hope

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