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Hi Norine, welcome to the forum.

Im not sure where or how you learned of CRPS(RSD) but glad to hear that in your own injury you would notice the signs you have as a possibility.

The best doctors to diagnosis CRPS are pain doctors. At this point and given the type of injury you have it is safe to say there is nerve damage. While some injuries take longer to heal than others, any injury that isn't getting better or is worsening should be brought to the attention of your doctor.

You may want to see a neurologist to check if this could be related to the nerve damage you have. In doing this, check with his/her receptionist if the neurologist has patients with CRPS(RSD) diagnosis. That way you know for sure he is familiar with CRPS.

There are other pain syndrome that can occur as well as CRPS and that is information you will want to know as well.

Make the appt and Im saying a prayer you're not getting this disease.
Good luck to you!


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